Guangzhou city Cheng is connected drive groom center
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Guangzhou city Cheng connects a driver to groom center
Drive school history
Cheng connects a driver to groom the history that the center established 1996 to had had up to now more than 8 years, groom the driver of countless qualification, review the form that it is city every year advanced unit, get extensive reputably, cheng is connected have 58 education car among them 8 brand-new an automatic archives car, groomed 2003 4569 people of eligible driver. A few years short a this orgnaization is rapid develop, spread all over whole town each district at minute o'clock, learn a car to had reached perfect service mass, have the most excellent place, best division solvency is measured, become those who show 10 actor of Guangzhou city to drive groom one of.

Learn car brief introduction
This center is one has professional and outstanding talented person, the car of the teaching experience that abounds for years, high-class service, top-ranking quality drives groom center. In us the center learns a car, we use completely brand-new nimble to amount to bridge car, automatic archives bridge car, giant faculty can let you enjoy the most satisfactory education service. Those who master much door skill be like, still can let you experience the fun that learns a car.
It how can you just find in vast selection learning a car is better to how can you just find in vast selection learning a car groom center? Dimensions gets on internal energy of Guangzhou city urban district, have high grade, normative teacher and student groom center however can be counted on one's fingers, and Cheng of our ‘ Guangzhou connects motor-driven driver to groom central ’ is perfect education among them one of. Once judged for many times for Guangzhou city advanced unit. Get popular reliance is mixed approbate, it is the first selection that learns a car!
“ person has without me, the person has me to actor or actress ” is our catchword, also be the target since our open!
We adopted the education outline that has systematic plan on education, will plan education in the light of every student, ensure every student can acquire road-sense truly, be benefited personally eventually.
Education time: In the morning 8: 30- - in the evening 9: 30, holiday is nonstop, OK and agile favourable geographical position uses your off hours or after school time, use stretch time to acquire a vehicle!
Sign up for add of a famous player: After paying fee, offer this person Id photocopy, the driver is special chromophotograph 12 pieces, the temporary residence permit that nonlocal student needs to offer period of efficacy one year [but assist do] , add the person that drive to offer photocopy of autocycle driver's license. Face masses, face a society, serve sincerely, credit is consummate, reasonable collect fees, be excelsior!
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