Guangdong is wide how to drive the school
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Guangdong is wide how to drive the school is the car with an abundant actual strength drives groom the school. Denounce endowment thousand, introduce car of current and advanced entrance whole computer to drive imitate system and have hundreds to groom car, more than 60 groom spread all over whole town each district, for certain one lie near you. The “ motor vehicle that committee of traffic of hold Guangzhou city issues drives groom licence ” , in successive years is saved industrial and commercial bureau is judged abide by contract for “ , keep good faith ” unit. From 94 years the company establishs to date, drive through imitate system, already groomed successfully for the society numerous outstanding car driver. This school faces countrywide recruit students, use teacher and student of air conditioning car. This school tenet is “ sincere letter is this, safe, efficient ” . This school school spirit is clean-fingered, normal. Wide how to drive school —— drives fun all masters!