Guangzhou blessing China the car drives the school
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  Recieve enthusiasticly, solve patiently, civilized education. Do not accept student to eat please, please smoke, ask drink.

  Because the person is applied,teach, whole journey service, start well and end well. Exhaust to the requirement of student can solve.   Collect fees publicly, do not harm student interest absolutely. Student complains person specially assigned for a task to be in charge of dealing with.   Train car, field is not had completely sundry. Can do sth for sb the formalities of manage, not troublesome student does oneself.   Do not accept the money of student, money, content.

Free choice learns car time and trainer.

Managerial characteristic Normalization holds water via government sector approval, all training field, place signing up is executed once all is battalion, centralized management, unified collect fees. Handle business license, groom Wu of licence, duty registers card, 3 card are all ready. Specialization major is engaged in motor vehicle driver grooming, use high-powered car, vehicle of all train car accords with national education standard, all trainer maintains a qualification via total fleet of Guangdong province policeman (all hold coach card) . Base changes those who establish fixed, standard to sign up receive send field place, do formalities of car of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties to offer for student nearby convenient. Network chain is managed, the network serves, science and technology of many application computer grooms at driving.
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