Guangzhou blessing China the car drives the school
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Blessing China drives officer company brief introduction

In June 2000, by Shenzhen city town investment expands limited company city of Guangzhou of contributive, classics is handed in appoint industrial and commercial bureau of city of approval, Guangzhou is registered, the tax authority registers Guangzhou city, guangzhou city blessing China drive corrective type to hold water. Company headquarters reposes in Guangzhou town's bustling mart —— Zhongshan to be handed in with Mei Dong road all the way collect a mouth. In Feburary 2004, my school is handed in by Guangzhou city appoint choose for demonstrative unit of recruit students of motor vehicle driver; 2004 year, 2005 year have the honor to win “ of Guangzhou city industrial and commercial bureau two years to defend a contract continuously, weigh name of credit ” unit.

Through development of 6 years, site of my school service is at present outspread already to the Milky way, east hill, sea bead, Bai Yun, fragrant village is mixed the canton such as a Yu. Education uses new-style nimble to amount to minicar entirely with the car. What student is in 2 years is effective bit of transfer to another school can be chosen at any time inside study period. To get used to social personage more extensive demand, my school added class of VIP honoured guest, technical quality class and average class in Feburary 2005, get the general welcome of social personage.
For rigorous management and normative service, come 6 years, my school insists to carry out the guidelines that centralized management, chain manages, carry out “ stoutly 3 not, the cheap of 3 open ” politics education management, do not have student namely meal, do not drink student a bottle of water, service concept that does not take student one minute to supervise a phone money and public service acceptance, public rate, publicly, drive the wind that earthed up the market to lift a pure and fresh Lianzheng for Guangzhou city, urge action actively to arrived since clean industry common practice. The company made brand image with all one's strength 2005, to satisfy new exam requirement, promotion serves a standard, the Milky way, east hill, sea bead, fragrant village, time the training field such as Yu finishs complete afforest to transform entirely; Company flower is gigantic endowment sign Dong Pu unused on 10 thousand M2, create field of one large and integrated training, already completed 3 one smooth project at present, official April investment is used. Serve supervisory diaphaneity to rise, those who assure cheap politics education is effective carry out, my school takes the lead in opening 020-2222 2228 of hot line learning a car in whole town industry, round-the-clock 12 hours are received listen to student to seek advice, complain, make the service hardware of my school and software get synchronism rises
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