Road-sense of car of Guangzhou wide fine horse grooms center
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Group of wide fine horse drives groom    

Road-sense of car of wide fine horse grooms the center held water 1985, it is Guangzhou city is driven earth up guild standing director unit, passed ISO9001:2000 quality manage systematic attestation.

This enterprise holds to “ to be a root with sincere letter, it is the tenet of this ” with student, cars of tens of train of stage air conditioning such as the big customer with new-style configuration, big money, car, teach by the senior teacher that has title of intermediate above technology.

Sign up for convenient student, already opened a net to report a service now, need to click a net to report a system gently only, our acceptance is answered inside 15 hours


“ learns a car to be earthed up to An Jun please, restful happiness accompanies you to follow! ”