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Drive school brief introduction

Road-sense of motor vehicle of Guangzhou transportation group grooms the large and professional motor vehicle that limited company is follower of Guangzhou transportation group drives groom orgnaization, the personnel that learns motor vehicle road-sense technically to have keep in mind is offerred groom, accompany experienced service. School teachers quantity is abundant, establishment form a complete set is complete, have outstanding administrator, top-ranking education professional and education base, all teaching and administrative staff is versed in with “ deal with concrete matters relating to work, rigorous, sincere letter, the spirit of enterprise of consecratory “ devotes oneself to to drive the talent grooms career. I manage predecessor is road-sense of motor vehicle of bureau of Guangzhou city traffic grooms center, it is the first motor vehicle of Guangzhou grooms drive school, had had 30 years of much histories up to now, groom the driver of countless qualification, review the form that it is city every year advanced unit, get extensive reputably, traffic group is driven school had had 100 education car, groom every year eligible driver amounts to more than 20000 people. Had reached perfect service mass, have the most excellent place, best division solvency is measured, become 10 actor of Guangzhou city drive groom one of.

Traffic group is driven check it is one has professional and outstanding talented person, the car of the teaching experience that abounds for years, high-class service, top-ranking quality drives groom center. In us the company learns a car, we use completely brand-new nimble to amount to car, hand to stir file car, giant faculty can let you enjoy the most satisfactory education service. Master much door skill besides, still can let you experience the fun that learns a car. Why do you choose us in vast selection learning a car? Because we have FAB!
(1) F characteristic: (Feature)
State-operated enterprise:  predestined relationship male sentence male to seek V ぃ
(2) A advantage (Advantdage)
Brand-new groom sedan;
The price is open and transparent reasonable (establish bright eye to collect fees unfortunately absolutely) ;
Quality learning a car has assure, make sure every student has adequate training to carry out an opportunity;
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