Driver of limited company of group of Bai Yun cab grooms center
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Drive school brief introduction

Limited company of group of Bai Yun cab is Guangzhou area, and even scale of the transport power in industry of cab of Hua Na area is the largest, enjoy “ north to have swan, south the beauty that has Bai Yun ” praise large mainstay business. Driver of white cloud group grooms the center is this group follower a history long, actual strength the car with abundant, seasoned education drives skill major grooms unit, have managerial experience of more than 30 years. Have " occupation standard of traffic of People's Republic of China " JT/T433 - all sorts of academic teachers that 2000 regulations configure and education establishment, have air conditioning the train car with complete, good technical condition (C card driver's license) with exercitation car in all 23, long-term since with “ student consummate, the first ” is quality tenet, fostered the outstanding driver of thousands of for society and our company, win examination room of coach of village of Guangzhou city a surname and public figure of social all circles reputably, it is Guangzhou city is obtained exclusively groom directly the major of taximan and vocational training of battalion carry driver grooms unit.