Guangzhou seeks advice with brandish driver groom limited company
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Drive school brief introduction
Guangdong seeks advice with brandish driver groom limited company recruit students general rules Guangdong seeks advice with brandish driver groom limited company is consistent with “ sincere letter is service tenet for this ” , be judged to be by Guangzhou city industrial and commercial bureau: Abide by contract, keep good faith enterprise. Student learns a car free period of time, modest politics education, assure consumer interest, student can drive through advanced computer simulation system, master road-sense adequately, make become eligible, abide by the law driver. Our company offer: Fu Kang car, nimble amounts to car, strange luck car to undertake study operation, exam, on the safe side. More the training car of the advantage. Project Tuition Learn content class hour Send card Car whole journey trains 1, the highway code 2, basic and mechanical common sense of the car 3, the road-sense of the car and exam regulation driver's license of motor vehicle of 30 days of People's Republic of China 40 day Remarks: Cost of long-distance board and lodging provides for oneself, cost giving evidence provides for oneself. Learn Car Must Know one, recruit students limits: 1, the public figure that holds foreign charter or id card of area of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. 2, People's Republic of China visits town each 18 to citizen of 60 one full year of life. 2, body condition: Learn above of cart height 155CM, above of car height 150CM, blind, anomalous trichromatism, naked without color inspect or it is normal that correct is inspected. 3, place requires a data 1, outside Jie and beard of personage of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan hold him place passport or id card, by Guangdong provincial each city temporary residence permit and proof of enterprise of him home work sign up; 2, domestic abecedarian: Photocopy of Id of this city student 3 pieces, small photograph of driver's license of color of a inch of big head 8 pieces; Nonlocal student needs photocopy of temporary residence permit of period of efficacy additionally one year 3 pieces; 3, the person that drive adds inside city: (be restricted driver's license of this city autocycle) Id, driver's license, adminicle photocopy 3 pieces, small photograph of driver's license of color of a inch of big head 8 pieces. Note: Id, temporary residence permit, driver's license must be in date of expiration signs up before 3 months, the ability after needing to changing testimony otherwise deals with formalities signing up. 4, time learning a car: Come on Monday Sunday 8: 30 when —22: 00 when (optional period of time) 5, schedule of course of study motor vehicle: Sign up Course attends class Course takes an exam Butterfly picket takes an exam Road take an examination ofing The driver's license that get Company name: Guangdong is the same as brandish the driver seeks advice groom limited company Firm business address: Guangzhou city Huang Hua district the 15 rooms of edifice of 85 golden Hao
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