For escape " does IC card time " ? Drive school student number to jump
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Relevant personage reminds: "IC card times learn a car " can let student master road-sense better, more efficient more when the province

"Do you go signing up? Drive school want to rise in price. " recently, big 4 students Zhang Ming meets with the classmate, those who chat is to drive school the topic that rise in price. While busy exercitation applies for a job, everybody is in to drive drive school the car learns before rising in price, packed valuable time squeeze again. Yesterday, the reporter drives school understanding to arrive each from Chengdu city, drive school the announcement that has received installation clock, estimation carries out IC to block clock to learned the day of the car to get on for, cost of class hour increase raises, rise in price unavoidable.
Be about to execute IC card to time learn a car, drive school student to hit crowded

  Be afraid of rise in price assault of a lot of people signs up

Last morning 9 when make, drive in Tian Xin school grind child bridge cent school, miss Zhou is filling in application form, she plans originally second half of the year is asked year off learn a car, listen to a colleague to say to drive should rise in price on school horse, will sign up rapidly. Be less than a hour, again 3 people sign up, still many people seek advice from IC card to time the new policy that learns a car and relevant charge. According to staff member introduction, what sign up recently is too much, want to grab in execute IC card to time before learning a car. The reporter visited Sichuan how to drive movement of school, gold again subsequently the dot signs up inside the city of school, number signing up is increasing quickly.

As we have learned, at present Chengdu drives the charge of school to be in 1700, 2300 yuan or so, and time newly groom means asks to learn full 86 class hour. Among them, theory grooms 30 class hour, the operation grooms 56 class hour, although the charge of every class hour has not decided finally, according to the estimation of the personage inside course of study to cost, also want to be close to 3000 yuan at least, plus 570 yuan cost handling card, tuition rises in price imperative.

   Concern of class hour long student is very troubled

If low paid tuition, when learning a car, begin to execute IC card to time, should fill pay the tuition fee? Relevant personage explanation says, drive school the period of efficacy that sign up is two years, did not execute times name in new policy, any fee also need not be paid again after new policy begins, also need not block timing regulation according to IC. The reporter understands, another reason of leap of student signing up is many student are afraid of a trouble.
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