Little detail concerns safety of drive a vehicle to drive no good of 5 kinds of
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Common saying says, detail decides success or failure. Apply mechanically is driving on, all sorts of little detail concern the whole process of safe drive a vehicle. Say for detail, because be ignored very easily,be, because ignore,be, ability can bring about unfortunate happening. So, since the first day when learn a car, you answer nurturance drives well habit.

Here, remind what you note 5 kinds of risk to drive habitual no good.

Habit one: Jockey not shake handshandle Buddhist templeput on the brakes

Case: Last week 6, the car advocates gentleman travel is on Hangzhou arch Kang Lu, by way of one traffic light, jockey queue up to wait. Stop when the car firm hind, before Mr Zhang discovery car of mulberry of a general is going backwards backward slowly. The stop light of rear of general mulberry car and back-up lamp did not shine, driver of the car before Mr Zhang realizes very quickly is for certain did not step on brake already, also do not have shake handshandle Buddhist templeput on the brakes.

General mulberry car leaves the car of Mr Zhang closer and closer, mr Zhang presses the horn, car before showing headlight to hint desperately rapidly, but before car driver still does not have reaction.

The car goes backwards ceaselessly before, the car from the back was received again come up, mr Zhang that around is controlled can look at the action in loving a car helplessly only. The strength that two cars hit is not great, the love car of Mr Zhang is erase only dot lacquer. After its happening, although before car driver issues driveway apology rapidly and express to compensate for, but saw with one's own eyes witnesses damage love a car and helpless, still make Mr Zhang very vexed.

Comment on: In process of drive a vehicle, not be all drivers take hand Buddhist templeput on the brakes seriously. Some car friend jockey without nurturance the habit of shake handshandle Buddhist templeput on the brakes, issue check of shake handshandle of the ability when slope jockeys in apparent get onning only. In fact, whether do some a section of a highway exist to tilt and be judged not easily, the car is so friendly if feel to step on brake with the foot,tired word is compared when jockey, must remember pulling begin stop before loose brake, lest produce an accident.

Negligence index: ☆ of ★ ★ ★

Dangerous index: ★ of ★ ★ ★

Habit 2: Odd handgrip steering wheel

Case: What Mr Che Youzheng drives is the hand uses the car that block, from learn a car to begin with respect to nurturance drive the bad habit of odd handgrip steering wheel. The other day, this bad mistake lets his within an inch of lead to blunder.

That day morning, mr Zheng drives public transportation station adds the river Lu Jiuxi that travel is in close a section of a highway. Flow of the car on the Jiang Lu at that time is larger, the be mingled with in wagon flow is worn many old freight car. Because often want to adjust speed, frequent shift gears, mr Zheng puts the right hand chronically in block on, left hand single hand is controlling steering wheel.
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