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The near future, peace and tranquility does not calculate on the road of city of another name for Nanning, the transportation that the traffic accident that produces in succession allows newspaper, TV board piece perform every day " alarmingly dangerous speed per hour " story. Car friend says this is haze weather increased a trouble to traffic. But, from accident happening the reason looks, drive after car of street violent wind, wine, driving harum-scarum just is safety of block up driver drives " dense fog " . Poke these dense fog only, ability achieves the requirement that safety drives truly


Dangerous index: ★ of ★ of ★ ★ ★

Car of urban violent wind -- tall harm behavior kills a person to hurt oneself

Case: On Feburary 16 before dawn 1 when make 50 minutes, nanning city Dong Gesai near virtuous crossing, two cars head on barge against, cause 4 people to get hurt, two cars are damaged badly. It is reported, before the accident among them car of a both sides and car of person of the same trade are on the road car of mutual violent wind, sail opposite the dash against in process of the overtake that exceed a line car of another when come 3 side, and the driver of after doubt is like wine, drives just about violent wind car that suffers serious injury (6 edition ever made our newspaper on Feburary 17 report) .

Car friendly view: Speak of several days ago this traffic accident, nanning car friendly Xiaoguan weighs him experience still be a shock to have fear.

Xiaoguan tells a reporter, she saw two accident cars that hit ulterly changedly on newspaper at that time, suspecting accident place is true for a time is Dong Gelu. She does not believe somebody dare drive on Dong Gelu really exceed speed per hour 120 kilometers, do not cross the description of trouble spot picture and eyewitness, let her must believe reality. And car of violent wind of city of both sides car arrives speed per hour the act of 120 kilometers, more let feel scared as the Xiaoguan of the chauffeuse. Xiaoguan says, on Dong Gelu, even if before dawn 2 when, the speed per hour that she drives also did not exceed 60 kilometers. The act of car of both sides of accident leading role indeed too dangerous, too actuation. According to the report, after the driver of both sides car still is suspected of wine, drive, because this produces such accident,should belong to inevitable.

Xiaoguan says, drive every time encounter those automobile body stick full multicoloured paster, vent-pipe to come out the change one's costume or dressing of huge loud wave car, she is hit wake extremely spirit. Because her fear changes his costume or dress of the car " hand of bold and powerful car " force of can abrupt hair, in the S in wagon flow drive a vehicle, menace arrives oneself safety, him concern becomes that car head not carefully by whole hit flat 3 side car.
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