Drive and line what movement " the most dangerous " ?
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Do not look down upon in driving and line so a petty action, do bad to be blown with respect to meeting and other vehicle blow loiter, produce more serious traffic accident even. Want not to affect other vehicle, surely and the line still has a lot of thing to want to notice actually.

And the line must master safe distance

DangerousMovement (one) : And when the line without giving thought to on the side the rear car of driveway is much closer from oneself, hard and line.

We think so: Fastening those who think to drive on the driveway is to drive school master worker, in case hind car driver is a novice, or forehand phone, cut loiter, trace remaining part specialEasyHappen. If hind the car still is a large cement tank car, the thing that can not be rub dot skin then.

Of the car after can seeing from viewfinder commonly before the distance that face shows to the car after you are mixed has 15m to control probably, be in when speed per hour 60km/h less than and the line does not have what problem. Should notice to keep quite far more on the freewaySafeBe apart from again and line.

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