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I am firm from drive school the student that come out. The near future opens the hand in my home to move the period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am that block a car, discover a lot of places are mixed those who drive school teacher to tell is different, how do you look excuse me?

This may be the coach's fault, because of them a few drive means is right 10 years ago.

But they are wrong now. Car function of China has produced tremendous change, very much " absolutely vivid " also became a mistake today.

It is to drive school coach below more general " mistake " , OK and referenced.

The first fault: Low turn into block a phenomenon

This is 95% above coach is in made mistake: "The car is changed easily 2 block, enter as far as possible block. " drive age longer old driver and coach, more obstinate ground thinks to should drive so, they often are in engine rotate speed 1600 to the shift gears when 1800rpm. Friend of a car drives special caution, exceed 2000rpm rarely, the coach inculcate because of him " low turn can save oil, to engine it may not be a bad idea " , but his handkerchief Sa is special a travel 5000 much kilometers produce engine to shake, spiracle accumulates carbon.

Form a reason: The engine of past China and truckload, from material qualitative, design, to craft level and the test that debug a level to cannot accept high rotate speed and high rate, so low speed of can low rotate speed is spent.

The 2nd fault: Cross a turn to take brake appearance

As a result of apply the brake measuring obligate ahead of schedule perhaps is recognizant vacancy at all not quite, habit of a lot of coaches is before tortuous path summary decelerate, and in taking main slowdown time in tortuous path.

Form a reason: This is a person a kind of natural habit, because tortuous path brings a person the discretion to speed, can be used to commonly to the student from the coach brake is walking in tortuous path, in order to make a heart more dependable.

The 3rd fault: Step on separation and reunion to step on brake

Drive to avoid novice or student to be in in the process " dead internal heat " , the coach connects regular meeting general " half linkage " means broaden the scope, make student much step on separation and reunion, when coming up against circumstance slam the brakes on, step on separation and reunion after all first, step on brake again. A few people are when downhill long slope, used such means not self-consciously, the apply the brake when coming up against emergency in order to prevent " dead internal heat " .

Form a reason: New learning car person most because have not enough time,the problem that often encounters is step on separation and reunion and " dead internal heat " , coach also because feel distressed,oneself car wants often " restart " , often emphasize student wanting " the attention steps on separation and reunion " , bring about student to come up against a circumstance to step on separation and reunion, even some of student left foot dare not leave footplate of separation and reunion completely all the time.
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