Drive and line what movement " the most dangerous " ? 2
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Car stop a car does not want before hurriedly and line

DangerousMovement: When travelling speed is not quite slow, see the car stop a car in front, the driveway on the side returns normal travel, oneself hurry hurriedly and line.

We think so: Actually in front if the car is not to go outTrafficAccident, you can halt a car below the condition that carries safe distance, do not wait more meeting. Always compare arrive hurriedly on the side driveway happening accident is much stronger, if abrupt and line, the car on the side does not have time reaction at all.

DangerousIndex: ★ ★ ★

And the line is hit first certainly turn to the lamp

Dangerous movement: And the line is not hit turn to the lamp, him feeling is in wagon flow do a job with skill and ease.

We think so: Not revolve Xiang Deng is fierce and line, the car after giving frightens what cold sweat still considers an a suit light, gave an accident basic namely and the responsibility of line car.

Do not think to unexpectedly exceptionally and line gift is nice, made the intention that turns to him car after the lamp tells, everybody does not let you. Of most driver or meeting comity, some drivers are you jump over revolve really he squeezes Xiang Deng forth more, let far from, do not manage he, orSafe
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