"Safety is farther " -- safety of road of 2007 year Mi Jilin acts
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Regard world tire as the leader of science and technology, mijilinji's round nucleus psychology reads aloud even if improve the mankind " can move continuously quality " . Mi Jilin values the interest with common society, devote oneself to to produce a branch to make contribution for social development together individually with other. Be in China, mi Jilin will combine Chinese mainland to change, introduce international advanced technique and product, in product and science and technology, service, safe education the respect takes the lead in bearing a responsibility that improves safety of Chinese road transportation.

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Path is safe 2007 activity

1. Mi Jilin " go along with you " service

The Mijilin that rolled out in March 2006 " go along with you " service, it is a tenet with safety, adopt the after service system of banner, professional, network, bring consumer to help somebody attain his aim caress, accompany them all the way free goes, whole journey does not have care.

"Go along with you " service content includes: Za Ding of rescuing service of 24 hours of road, tire repairs free and service, fixed tire freely to maintain remind service, tire character makes sure the service is mixed a variety of VIP users enjoy a service only 5 members enjoy a service only, it is service of the series after at present the most comprehensive tire on the market makes work.

Rescuing service of this 24 hours of road already enclothed a city to amount to 200 now, at present till many 1700 Mijilin appointed shopkeeper to add this plan, and register a member already exceeded 200 thousand.

2. Community tire safety detects

Rose in August 2005, mi Jilin company and its close partner " gallop add tire to serve a network " collaboration, will " safety is farther " community tire installs all inspection to measure an activity to lead dweller community. This activity aims to be a car advocate bring convenient, quick professional tire to safeguard service experience and overall brand tire product and tire conserve knowledge to gain ground, for the car advocate be in what the safety on road does not have care to drive a force that contributes us.

Up to now, community tire installs all inspection to measure an activity to already waited for 150 villages of 41 cities to undertake in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou. For near 20, 000 cars offer the tire security that includes the item such as tire wear and tear, atmospheric pressure to check, discover and resolve tire safety hidden trouble 6, more than 000, got community car advocate general reputably.

3. Drive school collaboration

China of Mi Jilin safety drives school efforts to plan is safety of Mi Jilin China likewise a very main component in transmitting a plan.

This activity aims to pass drive school this window offers safety to drive for student the knowledge of the concerned road safety such as note of skill, drive a vehicle and small doohickey, raise student thereby people road safety consciousness and skill. We are in drive marked safe clew shop sign was installed in school, prepared to make elegant, content abound for student " blue book of Mi Jilin safety " , also be at the same time drive the trainer of school people arranged concerned tire knowledge groom.
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