Pour a library practical skill, see rearview mirror a few times more
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It is difficult that advancement backs a car easily the real report that is road-sense of a lot of drivers. When many drivers are ongoing very suitable smooth, a bit does not have a problem, can encounter jockey be scared when put in storage, be in especially car much, car below tight situation, either before bumper bumped, be rearview mirror loiter.

In spot of electronic picket exam, when Dongguan car friend drives master of school the Tang Dynasty to accept a reporter to interview, express, the driver feels to jockey put in storage is difficult, as a result of,basically be backsight blind area,
Estimation forbids, operate reversely, the pose is out of shape wait for a reason to cause. He introduced at the same time a few jockey the skill of put in storage and method.
Course of good travel of the estimation before backing a car
Pose: Bipod is not moved, ahead of coxal towards the left moves a bit, left hand handholding steering wheel, use single hand to make way, right hand palm is stuck by to sit on the back of the chair of chair, touch forcibly a little. Can maintain the balance of the body first so, the right hand is used to be able to lend strength when second left hand makes way. The upper part of the body a little rightward tilts, at the same time the upper part of the body as far as possible right-hand rotation, make as it happens of line of sight is passed sit the circumstance after the car observes among chair. This kind of pose can see car hind is very major, make blind area is reduced, and the advancing way that can see car end very intuitionisticly.

The condition after clear car treats above all before 1. backs a car, estimation is good the advancing course that back a car, whether can affirmatory car head come up against fraise, step on the gas does not want as far as possible when backing a car, control speed does not want too fast.
The need of advancing direction of end of 2. basis car, with steering wheel of left hand roll: If car end needs right rear advance, turn steering wheel right; Conversely, turn steering wheel towards the left. Actually this is mixed when car to overtake turning to an operation is consistent, remember this is nodded won't make wrong way and hurry-scurry.
3. is backing a car after the car is not being looked at all the time in the process, below safe after affirming a car premise, need observes or so rearview mirror often, notice the distance between fraise and automobile body, use steering wheel to amend the position when automobile body is regressive accordingly.
If 4. feels to backing a car in the process, car head can come up against fraise likely, still need to be in proper when the ahead that sees a car. Turn in steering wheel the case with bigger range falls especially, in because the car is in,turning to a process, change direction annulus turn radius wants those who be more than rear wheel to turn radius, the range that when back a car car head swings outwards is big also, must notice car head avoids to touch so brush.
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