Is novice start off afraid of what?
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As the novice, besides in drive school that paragraph of experience learning a car that remember to the end of one's life, believe to imprint deeply in brain, still have the experience that start off drives alone after obtaining a driver's license. Half slope starts smooth car flameout; The with 30 kilometers speed per hour on quick way is creeping; little deputy drive locally of the coach " assume personal command is directed " , drive every time nervous streaming with sweat, often also daydream in the evening even on never-ending road the left and right sides avoids let. Half slope starts, jockey, and car of line, meeting, these operations let many novices feel a head to ache. This period " car travel the world " , we hear the start off story of a few novices, let accompany practice to support a move, how to overcome disease of start off dread.

Scared disease brow became half slope of ● " awkward "

Tell about a person: Miss Liu

Drive age: Two years, drive actually age 3 months

Sit drive: Snow Buddha Lan Lecheng

Although I obtain a driver's license already two years, but the first car that oneself just have before 3 months.

Remember new car the following day, I made joke. Course going to work meets red light by chance when Fuzhou road, I stop in again by chance the first, and here or uphill. After waiting for green light to shine, I loosen brake rushs ahead, did not think of the car is gotten by hold back flameout. I that intense interest was not carried at that time, and the car from the back presses a horn persistently, a sweat gave urgently on my head. After trying 45 times continuously, I drove the car to rise eventually, just wanted to start, discover the green light before had become red light however, after that the car of the face is blocked by me " did not have disposition " , within an inch of of ground of my ashamed regret gets off the family apologizes in turn. Now, I sweat to half slope, half slope became my awkward ground simply.

Accompany practice to raise action: "Do not say technical aspect first, half slope starts to want to maintain good posture above all, especially a few females, because sit,chair did not adjust fine and often affect start operation separation and reunion and accelerator. " Qingdao way way connects a car to drive the bright red director of the company that accompany practice says, resemble be in like driving school study, novice half slope starts should exquisite two fast one slow, two when stepping put into gear of next separation and reunion quickly namely, want fast, loose separation and reunion wants to half linkage position fast, become slow namely when separation and reunion obtains half linkage position, car advocate can feel automobile body shakes apparently, engine sound had change, loosen again slow right now separation and reunion, loose hand Buddhist templeput on the brakes or crural Buddhist templeput on the brakes won't sneak away car, right now accelerator catchs up with it is OK to be increased gradually. Bright red manager still reminds say, right now, want special attention ahead viatic all sorts of traffic roads besides, low head looks downward and must not cause hazard.
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