Light of far and near uses a result
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One: Exercise not what regular car does not follow is too close, not be the person of the control that drinking wine is pair of cars and distance judgement extreme difference, this kind of car disregards everything on the driveway, want to go, want to stop, ignore fast ignore slow, inaudible cry flute, all sorts of lamplight signal of the car after losing sight of.

2: Autocycle nevers mind with, autocycle is not worth as a result of a priori, have two wheel only, stability is poor, when handling emergency especially, wait for element trip extremely easily as a result of road surface.

3: Old freight car nevers mind with, because cart tire is big,when low speed distance of apply the brake compares car weak point, trace remaining part easily. Domestic old freight car is prevented without installation for the most part bump into bridge, the suction of head of the car when so the car traces remaining part can the area is basic under packing box did not contact with van happening, general contact position is A column, the storehouse drives namely directly from the back, breakneck. A few freight car that haul Sha Shi often still overload, loading prep above protects column, drop easily.

4: Next wet drive want special discretion, next wet line of sights are poor, eye shot dead space is much, together with pedestrian, cyclist hurries on with his journey hastily without keep out, have an accident very easily. Wet tire catchs the ground to be able to suffer an effect, tortuous path limit and effect of apply the brake can be differred a few.

5: Drive be sure to keep in mind to be hit less pick up the telephone, hit at random look, because the happening of traffic accident often is random, accidental, abrupt, without what but foresight, the happening that instantaneous reflection of the person often decided traffic accident.

6: When passing the passenger transport car that the bus stands or roadside keeps, must decelerate goes slow, come out suddenly to traverse from change of passenger car head because of the passenger that gets off probably driveway, and at this moment the keep out as a result of the passenger car, you cannot see a pedestrian, when the place that the pedestrian can see to you from passenger car forehead, had been in likely your car head, cause an accident easily. Can observe through passing through bottom of passenger transport car beyond the leg that has a person is being moved, some words must take care, when passing, be in as far as possible on the right side of the space with much put apart.

7: When nightly drive a vehicle, do not use main beam all the time (suburb) or dipped beam (the urban district) , encounter the circumstance with road unidentified mine to fall, can alternate light of far and near will decide road condition and ahead case.

8: Nightly drive a vehicle in the turn, crossing place wants light of commutation far and near, remind on or the driver of spur track has a car to pass.
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