"Bad mistake " do not take set out on a journey 2
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Go for safety in path? Common on the annulus road of Beijing this scene: In most in path a car is leaving slowly, no matter the car that approaching from the back is to press horn or commutation lamplight to cannot be opposite any action since this car. It is so long in fast travel line the germ of dillydally also is to be in unexpectedly drive school the coach when learning a car teachs. Because " most outside path total meeting has exit import, circumstance change is most; And inter path, both sides can have a car and the line nots allow easy give attention to two or morethings. And most the fast travel line inside, the situation that needs attend to right only is OK. " solving: Most in is fast travel line normally, drive for long slowly on fast travel line, it is to make other driver a kind of behavior that despises. Because of a car, make line of whole fast travel lost original sense not only, still coerce the driver from the back changes his profession other way, affect the normal travel order inside other driveway then. Drive inexperience is unapt be distained, but be known perfectly well,inexperience increases chaos even, this kind of behavior let a person cannot be respected.