The novice drives 10 be afraid of getting into trouble
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What is the novice afraid of? To the novice, most be afraid of start off of new car of nothing is more... than, fear the car worries about him again already, even implicative concern rambles the person of the full world of the driveway. The person that have a good work listed technically novice 10 be afraid of, think better of thinks, in these most the local aggrandizement that be afraid of trains, most those who be afraid of be the respect that is afraid of least of all with respect to change?
   Be afraid of start smooth flameout
Oil leaves assorted tricks of the trade, a lot of people are in early drive school is know sth thoroughly at the bosom, but, theory control is again good, practice rises the flameout that does not have 349 times, average driver cannot be crossed "

Veteran " cavalcade. Special in busy crossing, the horn is urged from the back, jump over easy and successional flameout more urgently. The novice starts, not be separation and reunion loosens too slow, it is accelerator is added previously. Oil leaves want to cooperate good, experience slowly in practice only.
   2 be afraid that shift gears is done not clear
The novice cannot differentiate the sound of engine, also do not feel effective rate, can rely on appearance only, cover in the heart again calculate formula, just decide to should be used next a few block. So, before novice shift gears, engine is not to be in plangent namely " Da, Da, Da " the ground wants cut off the gas, there is frustration feeling more when shift gears. Can need not shift gears of separation and reunion and car travel is smooth, person taking a car does not have a bit feeling, this ability is the highest state of shift gears.
   3 be afraid that the eye makes not quite
Of past storytelling commonly used " be observant and alert, ear listens all directions " the delicacy that will describe a person. Today, the driver drives to need this kind to exceed more constant information gathers capability. But the person's energy is finite, finite energy wants distributive field a lot of. Veteran direction, speed, shift gears the heart arrives meaning along with, it is conditional reflex almost. And novice line often goes into S form, shift gears constant hurry-scurry, so, it the eye does not know where to stare at is good that the eye does not know where to stare at.
   4 be afraid that his car increases a place of strategic importance forcedly
The novice does not want to let others increase a place of strategic importance, can stand by when other vehicle when, avoid in spite of oneself again let, but in the person that look at deformed Gasser only jauntily. When blocking a car up especially, the car adds success of a place of strategic importance before, hind car often follow at sb' heels. You are all discharged, the car that follows at the back of you grows dragon not willing, do be deceived of novice both ends.
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