Maintain regularly drive correctly the habit is OK the section is oily
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Accompany high temperature weather, car advocate use air conditioning often, enjoying cool and refreshing momently while, the increase sharply of oily bad news also lets popular feeling ache. Actually, opening air conditioning is the one part factor that affects oily cost only, nurturance drives goodly the essential place that the habit just is item oil

Shift gears has tricks of the trade

Regular operation method should be low block start, footplate of delay step on the gas is slow quickly, achieve stage by stage block a speed certainly, the key is to should learn to listen to the sound of engine to come shift gears.

As we have learned, the economic speed per hour of average car is in horary 60 - 80 kilometers. Low block high speed to affirm excessive consumption of fuel and oil, block low speed high to save oil for certain. Additional, drive the shift gears in the process wants seasonable, the time of shift gears is shorter, the dynamical sex of the car is developed weller.

Put an end to neutral to glide

Somebody thinks, below the case that registers neutral, use a car inertial undertake gliding can saving oil. Actually this not only do not save oil, and still can bring safe hidden trouble. At present the major car on the market, no matter be the hand is moved,block a model automatically, belong to electric gush car () of eject of computer control fuel. Electric gush car falls in the condition that does not cheer, computer will acquiesce right now for idle fast the condition that offer oil, car advocate it is OK to think neutral glides the fuel below the province, actually one is not used less, and cause gear-box burn down likely still.

Drive want be observant and alert

Urgent quicken, the bad mistake that slam the brakes on is direct promotion oily bad news. A lot of people drive eye shot is not far, staring at only in front the movement of a car, and carelessly the circumstance of before a few cars, two side also carelessly. Traffic light often should wait inside city, oil is decreased first commonly when veteran driver sees ahead is red light, make speed slow come down, wait for a car to slip to step on brake again gently to jockey to the front of the lamp, and some drivers are often step on brake urgently, much like so needless brake frequency, oily cost can raise necessarily.

Go less " crooked road "

Want to inspect tire regularly, every months at least one, maintain fetal pressing. Have corresponding tone school to fetal pressing accordingly. If tire wears away serious when, often can appear skid phenomenon, increase bad news oil to measure. Additional, choose line of reasonable drive a vehicle to also concern the size of oily bad news. Stress is begged avoid to be in fastigium of drive a vehicle or block drive a vehicle of car a section of a highway up easily, should stagger fastigium or aux would rather bypass walks along a few kilometers to also block car a section of a highway up to go to stop oil stopping a province than be in more. It is drive a vehicle chooses as far as possible again linear, the experiment proves, the car compares the excessive consumption of fuel and oil when straight travel when turn.
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