The novice drives little skill
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The novice drives encountering difficulty is inevitable, because this masters a few safety,skill is very useful. According to statistic, onetime capital of major traffic accident is before, hind the car chases after end to cause, when current car stop a car, the car has not enough time after decelerate and barge against. The novice drives speed of the car before answering to always be taken care, carry condition of the car after rearview mirror observes, travel one paragraph hind step on brake, the car after reminding maintains enough car to be apart from, this kind of method is very practical when up train of road of nocturnal occasional high speed.
Novice normally most be afraid of embrace, closer from crossing, car travelling speed is slower, meeting take advantage of a loophole passes pedestrian and blame motor vehicle, need takes a heart particularly.
Current, like Beijing such big city has a lot of trestle, drop is very big, easy control does not stay in speed when the bridge below the novice, when the car before bumping soon, just step on brake suddenly, this is very dangerous. Proper practice should be discontinuous step on brake or change low speed to block, use engine to pull obstruction to control speed, must not neutral glides.
Why correct shift gears
Shift gears is driving basic skill, although simple, but the undesirable operation habit that often sees some drivers however in daily travel, hang too suddenly, forcedly forcibly for instance, be pulled forcedly or with control knock gearlever ball head is waited a moment.
Accurate shift gears method should be a movement downy, nimble, the look looks attentively at travel ahead, not oversee, left hand holds steering wheel firmly, right hand the centre of the palm is small stick top of gearlever ball head, extend of nature of the five fingers holds ball head firmly, left foot steps next clutch pedal pad, right leg loosens at the same time accelerator footplate, use the proper power of wrist and elbow, block what gearlever changes place to need can, and when must noticing to hang reverse gear, must be in jockey undertake below the circumstance.