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The car after buying new car advocate cosmopolitan think of to stick film, glair, buy interior trim, very few somebody can think of the protection of chassis, the car that real experience often reachs advocate know " by sodden Che Xianlan " , they think to see has used Che Jicheng lubricious stand or fall, observing chassis is one of the most intuitionistic marks. Accordingly, love car is about from love " bottom " begin!

Alleged batholith armor is not is to be on car batholith hood armour, be in however chassis apparently the stretch and colloid material with special spray, will resist of the outside erode.

Appearance of a lot of cars looks Guang Yan takes a person, and chassis is early already rustily and full of stains or spots, flaw 100. This basically has the following reasons: Of summer the earth's surface roast, the metropolis such as the humidity in the descent of ferial rainwater and air, salinity eats car heart, bring about car to shift to an earlier date ageing. All sorts of arenaceous stone on the road bump the place such as car batholith and hub ceaselessly, the antirust lacquer with the inherent place on the batholith when exert factory and galvanization layer can be destroyed very quickly, make a metal bare and outer thereby, with moisture osculatory hind brings about oxidation to rust.

Car batholith is ensuring car and car advocate safe, once rust,corrode, integral framework often becomes loose easily, bring safe hidden trouble, onetime capital of accident of a lot of traffic shakes place to bring about by chassis. Be on guard accordingly Yu Weiran, giving new car to do a chassis armor is indispensable.

Is process of construction of that batholith armoured how? Taking specially of this problem author to act the role of site of construction of · car general merchandise, for each car advocate dilatancy just a little.

Above all, cite traffic with elevator by construction personnel rise to be controlled to 1.3 meters, debus four-wheel, dashboard, brake piece. Continue to cite traffic again next to one individual height, undertake be cleaninged thoroughly to car bottom. Blow its subsequently dry, have package to be not spray component, relapse finally spray, wait for after its work, mount tire finishs four-wheel fixed position just calculates whole process of armor of the true batholith that finish.

The expert reminds: Because chassis armor is very tall to professional requirement construction project, need to have the construction technician of professional aptitude not only, and professional construction tool reachs its construction mass to completing construction is indispensable more, link of construction process any makes mistake can affect the result directly, will endanger safety of drive a vehicle and car directly if really ever since advocate life is safe. Because this choice has certain dimensions, capable and the can provide normative service car general merchandise that assigns business license via the product serves store crucial.
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