The expert teachs you explosion proof embryo
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Since entering the summer, what car produces an accident because of becoming flat is increasing. According to statistic, the bigger accident that caused because of becoming flat May only has 3 cases, dead 1 person. Why below the case with car condition, road good now condition, become flat return so much? What is the reason that become flat? How should prevent?
General manager Mr Zhang Zhonglin that  Beijing celebrates foreign car to serve limited company says become flat except treat sth lightly to oneself car at ordinary times with the driver, outside lacking the basic knowledge that car safeguards to concern, still basically have the reason of the following respects.
  embryo presses an issue is an apple of discord
Tyre pressure is not worth  , the travel that lack spirit is an apple of discord that become flat. When car is short of air travel, as the fall that the embryo presses, the attrition twice of tire and ground increases, the embryo is lukewarm lift quickly, tire molten, intensity drops. Right now car is like high speed travel, bring about possibly become flat.
  embryo is pressed exorbitant also be no good. Of car fill standard of baric force prep above to be worth, as the addition of travel course of development, the temperature of tire can lift slowly, bear when the pressure of tire of baric prep above when the limit form easily become flat.
Damage of   tread is very dangerous
  drives badly habit, make tire is damaged very easily. The injury of tire surface basically divides it is two kinds: Crown injury and sidewall are injured. If be crown,spare wheel had better serve as after scathing tire is repaired, if must be used,should not put in change direction annulus, want to be put in rear wheel, so dangerous sex is a few lesserer, notice tire pressure wants to fill at the same time to standard atmospheric pressure. The tire that sidewall injures does not want reuse.
  tire also has his life, wear away the tire of certain limit cannot again put up with was used. After the service life that is tire above all reachs the limit, tire brings about balata layer and depart of steel wire layer with respect to meeting ageing; After the decorative pattern that is tire next uses the limit, steel wire layer can be ground, if continue travel, can produce an accident.
Fixed position of   tire is very crucial
  usually, 10 thousand kilometers control car travel, be about to make location inspection to service station, if four-wheel fixed position is broken accurate, meet among travel of aggravate tire wear away, bring about temperature to lift thereby and become flat. Some drivers are be expert at now after sailing for some time, be willing to change 4 tire each other, continue travel, driver original idea is the service life that wants to lengthen tire, if tire has,can slant grind, can produce directional sideslip, noise increases, the serious accident that can produce a car to destroy a person to die.
  of course, be used to particularly good driver to those driving, although had run 70 thousand - 80 thousand kilometer, tire classics examination is first-rate still, if want to change fetal travel, it is a bit better to can carry two in old embryo put on rear wheel, in front two are changed new, also can continue so travel.
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