Drive novice start off remembers 4 attentions well
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Keep one's hair on loosens state of mind

Firm from drive the student that the school graduates, be unavoidable to be able to generate intense sentiment after formal start off. Even if those student that show scene in the highroad take an examination ofing, once arrived,downtown wagon flow falls like knitted environment, also hard to avoid " sweat all over " . Right now, loosen state of mind to appear especially important. Believe each student has had similar experience, when driving school exercise, maintain the relaxation of state of mind, criterion the movement is finished more naturally; If psychology is in high-strung condition, when although be in,completing very simple technology action, also can go badly form, emergency falls to be able to step on accelerator brake by accident even.

Proposal novice is before start off, alleviate actively intense sentiment, a few slow music can be broadcasted appropriately when drive a vehicle, make oneself have a happy, relaxation good psychology. In the keep one's hair on when encountering a problem, avoid by all means is impatient, so that " random heart " , otherwise although a few very small road issues, also can cause serious traffic accident.

   Notice shift gears does not hang neutral

Have the student of driver's license of C1 motor vehicle, be in the first time start off phase, the mistake that makes the most likely forgets shift gears namely. Add in " real swords and spears-the real thing " below the environment more or less intense sentiment, temporarily hurry-scurry changes a fault to block, it is constant some thing. Actually, the novice is in process of drive a vehicle, want the voice of attentive engine audition differentiate only, can solve shift gears problem smoothly. Usually, speed is fast and block low, what say normally namely " procrastinate block " , engine can be given out " buzz " sound, should notice to be added instantly right now block. And block a taller, speed to slant slow when, engine voice will be louder, and meet those who accompanying whole automobile body shake, this reminds a driver to should be decreased blocked. "Decelerate is decreased block " it is novice start off when of the easiest oversight.

Some car friend say, be in by taxi when the car, when often can seeing the driver is approaching crossing red light, hang neutral to glide. To the novice, answer not to hang neutral as far as possible, be in especially below the freeway when groove, be sure to keep in mind to cannot hang neutral, this can bring about brake malfunction not only, and once cause flameout carelessly, car loses the likelihood control.

   Reasonable overtake security goes

Drive on urban road, defending oneself path of a travel, constant talk, not overtake is not actual. This also is why student is in drive school groom draw near when the end, almost each coach can introduce: In the technology excellent case falls, when formal start road, should learn assemble manage ground " the head that grab a car " . "The head that grab a car " it is to drive undoubtedly the novice's most not close skill, so, novice should how reasonably " the head that grab a car " , change surely?
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