Drive skill: Instruct you 7 court should drive to exhaustion
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Feel tired when the driver and cannot driving attention centrally when going up, he had driven in exhaustion. Investigation personnel concludes with two projects the origin of traffic accident is fatigue normally drive: The first, below the situation that produces a contact in have not and other object, car sails from normal course; The 2nd, without discovery the driver tries to avoid the evidence of the accident.

Show according to investigating data statistic, exhaustion drives easy happening the time of traffic accident is late night, before dawn or afternoon. At noon 11 when to 13 when, late night 24 when to 2 when, before dawn 4 when to 6 when 3 time paragraph want special discretion to drive. And the following kinds of methods can help a driver cast off brief exhaustion or will fatigue feeling to be reduced the smallest change.

1. Arrangement is sufficient and regular Morpheus, the 20 people that reach 30 years old need the sleep of above 7 hours mostly, the driver of 30 years old of above had better assure the Morpheus in 8 hours of above.

2. If the driver has felt fatigued or tired, do not drink again, even if be of very few quantity. Because alcohol is the tranquillizer of central nervous, can make you feel more overworked, lack vigilance.

3. Do not be in as far as possible the time that normally oneself are used to Morpheus paragraph drive. Because the situation is different, morpheus time of the person is abhorrent. Because the body is,work according to proper section keep under control and mode, if throw into confusion this one law, will bring bad influence.

4. Oneself condition should observe before driving, if had felt oneself to there is some of reluctance on physical strength or spirit, must not drive constrainedly, because exhaustion will be probable,get a change to step in inside very short time.

5. If feel fatigue, what had better let a car go up is other the member that multiply leaves or jockey immediately small rest. Be in especially afternoon 2 when, a lot of drivers have the habit of noon break, even if sleep on ten minutes,also can get huge alleviates.

6. The change drives the feeling that the environment also can improve the exhaustion when driving greatly, open the window for instance, strong wind can raise excited rate of the driver temporarily.

7. A few more standing inside the car exciting food or medicaments also are the good method that answers exhaustion. Friend of a lot of drivers can apply oily energy of a few wind when exhaustion, also can eat chewing gum of field mint olfactory. Han Xu